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Therapy Matching Consultation

Do you or your child need help but aren't sure where to go?

Have you been scouring the internet trying to find someone who will meet your needs?

Are you not sure where to even begin for you or your kiddo/teen?


Let me find the best match for you!

Looking for therapy is REALLY hard. Finding a therapist you like? Even harder! Combine that with finding one you like AND who actually does the best treatment for your or your kid's concerns? Near impossible! It's like online dating...but even harder and more exhausting! 


I have been really lucky to have trained at some of the top universities and worked with some of the most well-known experts in psychology and psychiatry. This has afforded me tremendous opportunities to network and collaborate with leading experts in the field all across the nation. I thoroughly enjoy consulting with my colleagues and identifying therapists and clinics who do "good" therapy (e.g., therapy that has been shown by research to be effective for your or your kid's concerns). 

Here's how it would work: 

- We would meet to discuss what your concerns and problems are, what you've tried, etc. 

- I will give you my impressions and what I think would be most suitable for you

- I will consult with my colleagues and find the best provider for you, wherever that may be

- You don't have to do a thing - I'll take care of all of the vetting, researching, consulting! 

- You just show up to your appointment with your new therapist who will be providing just the type of therapy you need

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